"It'll take more than angels."



When Georgia places the keys to an empty house on Bloomsbury Square into the hands of her friend Jacob, he doesn't know what to think. "We can live here. For free." But he isn't allowed to ask any questions.

A few days later the two of them are living in central London - soon joined by Georgia's friend Lukas, his old mate Olayemi, and a stranger called Alex.

What drives them to stop leaving the house? And what happens as they do?

'Central' is haunted by demons and, maybe, visited by angels. Its meaning lurks between the lines, and echoes, faintly, from what has been cut - in a feverish attempt to arrive at some kind of truth. This strange story of a London rebellion is both pure and puzzling. 


Paperback | 168 pages | Published in a limited edition by the Lonely Coot in 2015


central central.jpeg


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