"This was London. This was all he had."



Hackney, December 2008. In his Clapton flat, romantic idealist Max is trying to complete yet another application form. Down the road, hung-over Jonathan doesn't have to think twice about hitting Shoreditch again. Successful journalist Sarah pours herself a calming glass of wine while, in a filthy flat share above Ridley Road Market, would-be artist Lizzie is hoping for one last chance.

This is their story: a raw and intense take on these times that sees childhood certainties collapse and doubts grow, as more than one dearly-held dream begins to slip. Before a whole new hope emerges...

Chronicling the moment "the crisis" hit, Dark Times is a love letter to Hackney that has at its core the simmering confusion paralysing a generation that grew up thinking everything was possible.


"Intimate and authentic... The clipped yet poetic style gives Dark Times a frenetic pace, and it's easy to get sucked in." - Neon Literary Magazine

"Atmospheric... The author portrays his neighbourhood with enthusiasm, humour and a touch of bitterness." - 3:AM Magazine

Paperback | Published in 2010

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Dark Times is now out of print. Please email info@lonelycoot.com to order
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